Everything Old Is New Again!

 From Cabinetry to that table (or other furnishing) you love to use, but hate to look at - Our process of refinishing 'useful' surfaces into beautifully new and hardened surfaces, with new colors to match your vision of an old space made new again, leaves you with a fresh look and a professional outcome - bring the good stuff back to life!

 Fully Prepped & Primed

From sanding to careful seam preparation

Two-Way Spray Painted

A careful cross spray for a smooth, hard finish

before                                            after

EPA Certified for Lead Removal

Cabinet doors and drawers are removed and transferred to our workshop for the careful crafting of your new finish


Drying / Primer

Drying /        Paint

EPA Certified for Lead Removal

Hints of highlights, antique finishes - and your vision comes to life.  Your Vision Is Our Blueprint!


Everything Old Is New Again!

carefully refinished to match a new kitchen theme - useful furnishings made new again.