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Your Vision Is Our Blueprint!

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Kevin Fraaza     Quality Control & Field Manager / Owner

Kevin is a graduate of the WMU Arts Department, and has a keen eye in recognizing continuity and detail. Kevin is focused on the diverse methods and the science of the products we use and the application processes we offer.  He is involved in every aspect of the work we do in serving our clients.  He has personally painted murals at several area businesses and homes and is the foremost knowledgeable person with our product base.

Don Olweean      Marketing & Project Manager

A business owner since 1985, Don has a full range of experience and understanding in comprehensive business structures and organizational infrastructures.  His focus in lining up the details of how our company 'carries and hands off the ball' assures a smooth process in bringing our clients the results they've come to expect.  Don can be reached through Paragon's published email and phone information.

Our entire organization is designed to work in unison to bring you, our client, the best results.  Our knowledgeable staff is quality driven with a strong sense of respect for the immediate environment in which we preform our trade -- your home or business  project  area.    Paragon's owner,  Kevin Fraaza has a wide understanding  and  knowledge of the myriad of products available to help us serve you, as well as their application purposes and procedures. Each associate crew member is trained to use this knowledge and experience to understand your vision and make it our blueprint.  Our attention to detail, our knowledge and experience with Interior Wall Coverings,  whether painting, wallpapering (or other); Our Exterior Covering, whether painting, staining, pressure-washing (or other), is the 'not-so-secret' secret to our success.  Simply look up our reviews, here and on Angie's List, and be assured of our professional process and concern. We appreciate your business.

Allow us to bring our Organization, Quality, Knowledge,  Products, and Reliability to you so we can  meet your home and project needs.  13 Years in business, 10 years at the top

of Angie's List - Your Vision Is Our Blueprint!

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Seeking Employment?  

Paragon Painting LLC will always consider candidates with strong work ethics and client oriented demeanors.  If you are interested in a position with us, email your resume and/or application for prompt consideration.  If you have  skill sets in painting please be specific as to what they are.  Entry level positions are also welcome.

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